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Creating IP Assets with a structured IP Portfolio is one of the key standalone practices which every organisation in the world should do. At IP Division, HumCen Global, we care about your Brand Protection to make your IP portfolio very strong which builds trust and reliability.

Our mission is to ensure that you get things right at the first time. Whether it’s consulting, mentoring and Brand name protection we’re here to help you to protect your novel brand identity.

One of the most business-savvy decisions you can make is intelligent outsourcing. You can get quality service through our IP Professionals and partners at more affordable pricing!

Your Brand, With more years of reputation and success, need to be protected at any cost! we are here to help you to position your brand more protective to keep your copycat away


Trademarks are vital signs companies use to distinguish their products or services from others. It deploys a multi-layered strategy to safeguard its brand


Trademarking is an essential step for protecting one’s brand identity. It will stop competitors from wiping off the customers by imitating the brand.


People will choose one brand over alternatives. Protecting the brand adds excellent value to your business. It's a compelling competitive advantage.


By doing brand Protection, the owner obtains a right to ownership and the right to prevent others from using a similar mark without their permission.


Customers believe the trademarked brand represents higher quality, and it becomes a cultural icon and is considered worthy of trust.


A brand protection strategy allows the company to charge a premium. It results in more customers paying more due to trust, earning more profits.

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