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Copyright Consultation

Offering guidance and advice on copyright-related matters.

Copyright Registration

Assisting in registering creative works for copyright protection.

Copyright Licensing

Supporting in the process of licensing copyright for commercial use.

Copyright Portfolio Management

Managing and strategizing a portfolio of copyrights for maximum protection and value.

Copyright Renewal

Assisting in the renewal process to maintain copyright rights

Copyright Strategy Development

Formulating strategic plans to optimize copyright protection and management.

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HumCen Global IP exceeded expectations in securing our blockchain media trademark in the EU, showcasing unparalleled expertise and dedication.


NC Global Media

They deserves commendation for their expertise and diligence in securing our crypto exchange IP's in UAE, EU, and UK.



Working with the Humcen team for IP registration was a seamless experience. Their affordability, transparency, and reliability truly set them apart.



Humcen provided step by step guide related to brand registration and TM. Their approach was very professional throughout. 



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