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“World’s First Cross Border IP Aggregator that backed World Record in IP filing”

HumCen Global is the pioneering Cross Border IP aggregator catering to a wide range of customers, with a particular focus on the Web2 and Web3 space encompassing crypto projects, crypto exchanges, NFT platforms, and beyond.

we are dedicated to unearthing innovation and transforming them into valuable IP assets for diverse clients. Our Human-Centered Innovation approach empowers individuals from various industries to think creatively and develop groundbreaking solutions.

By converting raw ideas into tangible and business-viable intellectual property assets, we provide comprehensive IP solutions tailored to the unique needs of our broad customer base. Join us in shaping the future of intellectual property in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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We will help you to provide the most affordable Patenting Service

At IP Division of HumCen Global (P) Ltd., We care about your IP portfolio, value your ideas, & your future. Our mission is to ensure that you get things right the first time through our well experienced IP Attorneys, we’re here to help you to get IP for your novel ideas from concept phase to working models.

Creating IP Assets with structured IP Portfolio is one of the key standalone practices to all individual Inventors, small & medium sized companies, Academicians, Entrepreneurs and startup companies that help to keep them competitive among the big companies in the IP race.

Our Premium Services

The global patenting trend is steadily increasing year on year, get the help from various premium services offered by us to join thebrighter side of the patent world like very few people who are consciously doing it right.

Patent search

A patentability quest shall be undertaken by reviewing published patents about your
invention to determine if your innovation has already been patented or not. You can also
see related designs, helping you to improve and refine your creation without violating
someone else's patent. And you can do all this until you've wasted a lot of hours and
money on the invention that you can't patent.

Patent Filing

High chance of Patent Grant to any client is possible through well-drafted specification by
techno legal expertise. For any inventor, get the help from the experts like us to execute
your filing needs is advisable. They will take care of all of your requirements for patent
filing procedures on your behalf.

Patent Portfolio

It allows a Company or Institution to make significant decisions about how best to use its IP
properties from their shelf to its benefit and entails tactics such as securing patent rights
in a particular field and it helps to be a leader in their respective domain.

Patent Drafting

The patent process begins with the preparation of a specification. It’s an art of skill to illustrating the invention (product or process which are particular implementations or methods of carrying out) with focused and broader claims to disclose the subject matter sought to be patented. Drafting is an art, and It should do by domain-specific expert artist like Us.

Patent Licensing

Patent licensing is part of how an invention is patented which is a revocable arrangement
between the patent owner and the licensee to pass the interest in the patent to a licensee
who may benefit from and implement intellectual property rights. The patent owner may license or sell an interest to anyone.

Patent Strategy

A patent strategy is a set of actions that businesses take to protect their products or
process and their place within the technical field in which they work. Similar to corporate
strategy, patent strategies also include a preventive status quo review to detect threats
and opportunities.

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It's Not Just About Only Protection.

A Patent may be a sort of property which provides its owner with the right to exclude anyone from creating, using or selling an invention for a limited period. Patents are a crucial source of strategic advantage in most of the sectors

The patent law provides the inventor with protection for their invention grants sole control to the creation and prevents from misuse or illegal use by anyone. Under the Patents Act, the government confers proprietary protection to the patentee where no one can use the invention without the authorization of the patentee.

Since patents are assets for a business, It should be leveraged to sustain in the competitive business world in front of big multinational companies, especially if it is a start-up company, patenting is the need of the hour to protect their novel ideas. Such an arrangement could open up new avenues for growing companies.

To be able to sell, license or enter into some IP-based business transaction, the valuation on an IP asset brings secure financing as a leverage tool for lending, it’s a better chance of success. It will also get a positive sign from investors to invest in growing companies to achieve full return and minimum risk.

The revenue approach is the most widely used method in IP valuation. It prices the IP asset based on the number of economic profits it is projected to produce, adjusted to its present value. This approach is simpler to use for IP assets with positive cash flows, for those whose cash flows can be calculated with a degree of reliability for future times

Any individual inventor or companies’ product development team spent years developing a product, figuring out every aspect of the concept until it was just perfect. But it can easily be infringed by any third party. However, without the protection of intellectual property (IP) for your invention, very few solutions are available to protect it.

HumCen Co., IP division, A team of dedicated promising IP attorneys with more than a decade of experience who can mentor and offer the most affordable wide range of services for all patenting needs which helps our clients to turns their ideas into intangible assets. we are here to help you achieve your goals

Nurture the Culture of Patenting

(A Futuristic Initiative by HumCen Co)

We are in the mission to evangelise our futuristic Initiative “Nurture the Culture of Patenting” to experience our three-figure mantra,  ‘Innovate, Protect and Market’ powered by HumCen Co.

Through this Initiative, we are identifying and encouraging raw inventors and desired people to achieve greatness in the journey of  Innovation from every corner of the world.

All the beneficiaries will get strategic patent consulting and mentoring support to create and develop a unique patent portfolio under their belt.

To taste the importance of patenting and its benefits; we welcome interested people to be a part of our in-house R&D work as joint patent holder through various terms.


We care about your own valuable ideas, encourage association for joint patent with us through Co-Creation & Strategic consulting to built patent portfolio to make your organization more competitive in the business world.





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