Innovation… It is not new to realise that the term innovation recalls the meaning ‘new’ Or ‘creation’. But the truth is it does not exactly mean that. Innovation is not a term but a process: the process of implementation. Yes. Innovation is the implementation of new ideas in already existing procedures. It is all about finding simple solutions to existing known problems. This is where it differs greatly from ‘invention’. Invention acts as a solution to a problem whereas Innovation is the solution to existing problems. That is why HumCen is largely concerned with innovation than invention. The invention may or may not be a solution, but Innovation always is: a smartphone is an invention while changing the size of the screen has been an innovation. A smartphone was an invention because it was as new as the first toy to a kid. But the changes in its screen became an innovation because it made life comfortable. To put it simply, the idea that you get to solve a problem you are facing now is nothing but innovation. 



The various characteristics of Innovation include:

The addition of the value of the output, 

Novelty and above all

It is a role as a solution. 


The overlapping of value and novelty is art, value and solution is optimization, novelty and solution is invention. It is no surprise that altogether it leads to innovation. Matchstick is the innovation born from the raw concept of igniting fire from two rock pieces.



The world has been progressing since a man had started to invent. At the same time, the world has been improvising since a man had started to innovate. To learn about the role of innovation in the development of a nation, one needs to scrutinise how the country grows. 


About economic growth, there are two ways of increasing output. Either the input should be increased or new ideas should be generated to meet the requirements. The latter is where innovation plays a vital role. Increasing productivity with the same input is the goal that Innovation could achieve.


Innovation gives rise to productivity which in turn leads to growth. Take the example of agriculture. Cultivators were an innovation for secondary tillage replacing ancient tools. The world’s largest food and beverage company Nestle launched an InGenius global innovation accelerate to enable the employees to come up with solutions to problems. This innovative move welcomed a flood of thoughts and ideas to existing business challenges.

Also, Ford is currently utilising innovation in the form of a project on Intersection Priority Management System (IPMS). It is designed to enable the cars to share trajectory data to avoid the collision at intersections. The core innovation in this project is the use of a hybrid wireless connection.


These examples exhibit the elemental theme that the innovation born within oneself proves profitable to many if implemented. All it needs is a perfect model of implementation. Only then it could act as the wheel of the vehicle of the progress of a nation.




HumCen is a Global Human-Centred Design company which is entirely dedicated to unearthing innovation. The company aims at bringing to light the hidden potential of individuals by educating and encouraging them. It helps people to think and encourages them to devise innovative ideas which later turn into business – viable products. In addition to that, it also protects the generated new ideas through Intellectual Property Rights. 



-Design Research Team